вторник, 2 август 2016 г.

Anytime goalscorer betting strategy

Soccer bets are among the most popular bets in the world and there’s a good reason for that - after all, soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world. Please do not object, if you’re an american citizen - it’s straight a fact. If you tend to bet on soccer, then it’s a good idea to try new things and develop your skills. Here’s what you could do next.

It’s called the “anytime goalscorer” bet. In simple words, you pick a certain player from the two teams and you bet that this player will score during the 90 minutes. It doesn’t matter if he’s the first or the last player to score. All he has to do is just score, the exact time is not important in this case.

This method is easier for success than the “first goalscorer” or “last goalscorer”, because how we just said - timeline is not important. Of course, it means the odds are a little bit lower in this case, but they are still good. Except if you don’t pick players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. How you could think, in their cases the odds are not that high, because they score in almost every game they play in.

The “anytime goalscorer” method could be very profitable, if you manage to pick players who don’t score really that often, but they manage to do it in this certain game. Then you should get really good odds for your stake. If you’re lucky enough, you could make a good profit and you could have fun in same time. Who doesn’t want that?

Never stop exploring new possibilities. This strategy is just one of the many you could try. If you want to find others, just look for new ways to make soccer bets and test yourself in battle. Good luck!